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Screw Comics! #4


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  • Image of Screw Comics! #4
  • Image of Screw Comics! #4

The next chapter in Screw Comics lore emerges six years after issue 3. Behold: Screw Comics! 4 slams in at a whopping 110 pages.
The cover story picks up as we meet Armstrong and Blindside getting assigned a new mission from the mysterious Purple Queen (see the 'Smoke n' Mirrors' story from Screw Comics 1). Armed with a dimensional-portal-opening Game Boy the two set out to locate and retrieve two miscreants that are cutting it up in the time continuum. Meanwhile, we run into a young woman named Heavy stranded in a scorched earth timeline and bent on rescuing her friend who's been apprehended by local law enforcement. Labeled psychotic and thrown into the high security wing the prisoner is set for a trial overseen by the Prime President himself for crimes including the use of scientific machinery. The rescue mission suddenly becomes a race against time as an asteroid bears down on the planet in a repeat event that happened to scorch the earth in the first place.
'The Miscreants of Time' is an epic tale in 4 chapters that weaves together the plights of familiar characters (you read Screw Comics 3, right?) in the face of certain doom. The story deals with the limits of loyalty and friendship, the fragility of power, the dangers of anti-science rhetoric, and why you should never ever ever underestimate yourself. Just say YES to this action, sci-fi epic.
The next story introduces the Magical Mystery Monkey (although he's a chimp) as he regales us with the classic fable of the Grasshopper and Ant, but with a twist. The tale touches on the value of work, but also questions at the core 'What is work?' Those familiar with the classic Aesop fable may be surprised at the ending. Don't miss this one.

And among the mini comics:
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and 6 Tips for Any of You Would-be Active Shooters
...plus a few more!

110 pages, still just $10
Ages 16+